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Podcast Episode 22 | Training Special Forces, Coaching Pirates, Aliens & Breaking Guiness World Records with JT from Underground RX

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 22

 Training Special Forces, Coaching Pirates, Aliens & Breaking Guiness World Records
With JT from Underground RX
I couldn’t be more stoked to bring you guys some time I spent with JT, John Templeton, from Underground RX on our channel. This is a man who gives everything he does 110% from doing too many drugs, to the mili…

Podcast Episode 19 | What Does it Take to be a Weightlifter with Leo Isaac

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 19

What Does it Take to be a Weightlifter?
with Leo Isaac

If I was asked to pick one word to describe this episode what would it be? Valuable. For Podcast Episode 19 I was lucky enough to pick the weightlifting and experience-rich mind of an Ex-Olympic weightlifter, two time commonwealth record holder and passio…

Cycling Reps | RAW Quick Tips

Cycling Reps
The Difference between CrossFit & Weightlifting

KNOW WHAT YOU’RE LIFTING FOR! Lifting vs. cycling reps, what do these two terms mean and what distinguishes one practice from the other? Parisa lives in the thick of both the weightlifting and CrossFit worlds, making her a fantastic person so deliver this quick tip to give you guys a hand at makin…

Podcast Episode 16 | Work, Life & Competition – Becoming a Parent with Yannick Mifsud

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 16

Work, Life & Competition
Becoming a Parent with Yannick Mifsud

Need a dose of banter? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to podcast episode 16! I decided to connect with my close friend, athlete, fellow barbell club and gym owner/head coach Yannick Mifsud from Shred Fitness. After being my …

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Season Two Teaser Trailer

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Teaser Trailer

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Season Two Teaser Trailer
I know it’s been a while since I’ve been in touch with you guys via some podcast content, but I’m back!
After connecting with more weightlifting personalities who play varied roles in our sport, I think you’ll find it’s worth the wait.

After my little …

Making Contact | RAW Quick Tips

Making Contact in the Snatch & Clean

There is a lot of debate on-the-line and between coaches about when and how you make contact with the barbell in the snatch and clean. Not many however debate that making contact in the Olympic lifts is important. Whether a brush or a bang the bar should contact as close to the hips as possible, with variances person to p…

Proper Pull Ups | RAW Quick Tips

Proper Pull Ups

Another often skimmed over exercise in the world of weightlifting I’m often very surprised at how difficult or impossible pull-ups are for athletes that can snatch and clean & jerk so heavy. Maybe this is from my CrossFit background but I truly believe proper pull ups should be an integral piece of any strength program. More than just being a…

Active Back in the Bench | RAW Quick Tips

Active Back in the Bench

In today’s episode of RAW Quick Tips, Rhe show us how to have an ‘active back in the bench’.

How much ya’ bench? Have you ever been asked that? As weightlifters benching is often not at the top of our to-do list in our workout regime. in fact some coaches refuse to program the bench pres for fear that it could drastically affect a lif…

Knees Out in Pulls | RAW Quick Tips

Knees Out in Pulls
Ever wondered why people yell out “knees out in pulls”?

If you watch an elite lifter in slow motion, you’ll soon be impressed by the mastery they display over the barbell. What you will also note, is that true masters pull the bar straight up, moving their body with precision around and with the bar. It’s important to note that lifters come i…

Wider Grip Front Rack | RAW Quick Tips

Wider Grip Front Rack
For the beginner learning weightlifting movements, front rack can be difficult. It is an often weird a and unnatural position that seems at odd with how we would normally position an athlete to hold weight. Protracted scapulae, shoulders in flexion and external rotation, if you’ve never been here before there is not wonder why you might not g…

Memoirs and Lessons of a Fledgling Competitor

Memoirs and Lessons of a Fledgling Competitor
I love training. It’s like a religious experience: my focus locks on the barbell and I begin the journey of embodying poise and power. I have my favourite platform, a barbell which seems to remember my hands, and the comforting familiarity of my gym fosters a nonchalant certainty in my mind. I walk around my bar to sho…

Scaling the Hollow Rock | RAW Quick Tips

Scaling the Hollow Rock
Hollow Rocks and Holds are a great way to easily build strength and stability in the midline. If you can brace the spine in a meaningful way, under the immense loads of your own extremities (arms and legs), your are vastly more prepared to brace against weights you will be lifting in both CrossFit & Weightlifting. But holding a good hol…

Podcast Episode 15 | Bands and Chains

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 15

Training with Bands & Chains
Accommodating Resistance in Weightlifting
In episode 15 of the RAW Barbell Club Podcast Andy discusses the use and implications of training with accommodating resistance. ie. using bands and chains. Kush asked some questions during and after our podcast last week so we decided to answer some …

Choosing Attempts | RAW Quick Tips

Choosing Attempts

Choosing attempts is a tricky one that we get asked about a lot. There is an art to getting yourself up to working sets without misses, and still feel good enough to complete your sets, or even PR. I have a quite simple protocol to use and it’s a mix of common sense and a few rule you should stick to.

The key is to improve and maximize techn…

Squatting For Weightlifting | RAW Quick Tips

Squatting For Weightlifting

In this episode of RAW Quick Tips, Rhe goes through squatting for weightlifting, with you dropping your body between you legs, rather than sitting back. It is the most superior way to squat with respect to the sport as it has the most carryover, being so similar to the actual Olympic lifts.

This is ever so important with newer athl…

Rhe Learns to Coach

Rhe Learns to Coach

This article is an account of Rhe’s thoughts from doing her Level 1 Weightlifting Coaching course few weeks ago. We recorded a podcast on the topic which you can find HERE. Or you can catch he thoughts below.
Rhe Learns to Coach
Over the last two years I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by several people who have shown me the diversity …

Podcast Episode 14 | The Art & Science of Programming

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 14

The Art & Science of Programming, Bridging the Gap between Physiotherapy & Coaching
I think we’re pretty lucky that Kush and I both love movement and the sport of weightlifting. And luckier still that we bring vastly different backgrounds and interests to RAW Barbell Club. Kush is a physiotherapist who has a deep unde…

Box Squats for Weightlifting | RAW Quick Tips

Box Squats for Weightlifting

I really like Box squats for weightlifting. It helps with flexibility a lot better than stretching, builds up the often dormant hip muscles and is a great way to teach proper bracing and tempo. At RAW Barbell Club we actually use the Box Squat to teach people how to better front and back squat.

When building a weightlifter our ove…

Podcast Episode 13 | Drugs in Sport – Icarus

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 13

Icarus, Documentary Not the Myth, Doping and Why You’re Missing Out
In Episode 13 of the RAW Barbell Club Podcast I sit down with Yannick Mifsud of Shred Fitness to discuss the recent Netflix Documentary, Icarus by Bryan Fogel.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of sitting down to watch Icarus, and I’m still coming to terms w…

Podcast Episode 12 | Becoming a Weightlifting Coach

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 12

Becoming a Weightlifting Coach, Getting your Club Coaching Licence
This weekend, Rhe took the long drive up to Newcastle to CrossFit Horizons to obtain her Level 1 Weightlifting qualifications. Rhe has been a senior member within RAW Barbell Club for some time now, and we applaud her decision to step up, open her mind and hel…

Podcast Episode 11 | Growing up, Leaving the Nest & New Beginnings

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 11

Growing up, Leaving the Nest & New Beginnings
In Episode 11 of the RAW Barbell Club Podcast I explore how I started in the world of weightlifting. From being fascinated with athleticism, superheroes and their feats of strength and agility. To finding CrossFit and learning that you don’t have to be an elite athlete to deve…

SandBag TV Ep. #2 | Diagnosing Problems in the Jerk with Peter Upham

SandBag TV Ep. #2
Diagnosing Problems in the Jerk
with Peter Upham (Shire Speed and Strength)
The jerk is always one of those things that can easily be under-coached and underdeveloped in many athletes. I know that I for one seem to spend a lot of time teaching the snatch and only marginally spend more time on the jerk than the clean. Most of the time lifters wi…

Podcast Episode 10 | Coaching, Sport and Athlete Development

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 10

The State of Coaching, Sport and Athlete Development
with Peter Upham
In Podcast Episode 10, Rhe and Andy travel to the Sutherland Shire to interview Peter Upham. Peter is the head coach and co-owner of Shire Speed and strength. His gym has produced a diverse range of athletes in both ability levels as well as sports. Notabl…

Faster Elbows in the clean

Faster Elbows in the Clean

A lot of people stuff up the timing when trying to both get under the bar and pull the bar up.  They need faster elbows in the clean.

Once the clean is broken from the floor, our goal is to put in as much energy ‘as needed’ to propel the bar upward. once the bar start going weightless are focus should quickly shift to pulling under …

Rhe Starts Lifting

Rhe Starts Lifting
I’ve been wrestling with how to write this particular post for a while. I thought of several ways to introduce the subject using other facets of my life and experiences which all lead back to the central point: my transition into weightlifting. Even before putting pen to paper the seed was planted as dialogue in…

Podcast Episode 9 | Growing into Weightlifting Life

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 9

A Story of Eating, Digesting and Growing into Weightlifting Life
With Rheannon Williams
People often ‘fall’ into weightlifting. There is no real youth program in Australia, so you either just happen across it or are very lucky to come into contact with it at some point in your life (usually earlier the better). Rheannon (Rhe)…

Keeping Your Arms Straight | RAW Quick Tips

Keeping Your Arms Straight
Keeping your arms straight and relaxed in you pulls can be hugely beneficial in the efficiency of your Olympic lifts. This isn’t true in all cases but for Coral it does affect the amount of power she can generate in her clean and snatch.

A really simple cue to help with this is to thing of your arms as spaghetti. They are only tethere…

Podcast Episode 8 | Squat Every Day, the First 4 Weeks

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 8

Squat Every Day, the First 4 Weeks
with Kush the Physio
We’ve been on a squat everyday program for about 4 weeks now and we’ve been seeing a huge amount of gainz from it. It’s almost as if all the hard work we’ve done accumulating volume, fatigue, muscle and strength, over this last year is finally paying dividends week after…

Sandbag TV Ep. #3 | The Museum Of Iron

SandBag TV Ep. #3
The Museum Of  Iron

with Carl Hensel (The Master Of Muscle)

If you think it’s weird that Sandbag TV Ep. #3 is coming out before episode #2, that makes sense. It is strange, but I really wanted this episode to come out now, especially with the feedback we got for our podcast with Carl from Tuesday it only seemed right to put this one up now….

Podcast Episode 7 | A Family History of Strength with Carl Hensel

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 7

A Family History of Strength with Expert Physique Photographer, Carl Hensel
In this episode of the RAW Barbell Club Podcast Andy sits down with Carl Hensel, a physique photographer who has photographed the likes of Lee Priest. We talk about his father Joe, who was a pioneer in the sport of weightlifting in the 40’s-70’s.
In P…

3 Position Jerk Drill | RAW Quick Tips

3 Position Jerk Drill

Some lifters have trouble with how they percieve they move when performing the classical lifts. The jerk catch in particular. Of course individual limb lengths, asymmetries, and styles etc. will play a part in your catch position. There are some fundamentals I like though. that front shin should be perpendicular to the ground, the hips …

Podcast Episode 6 | Mobility for CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 6

Are you getting the most out of your mobility work? What can you do to improve your CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting with Kush the Physio
Everyone knows that what you do before and after training matters almost as much as what you do during. But are you spending your time wisely? Before training we want to prepare you mind a…

Rhe Joining our Staff

Rhe Joining Staff

Hey Sandbags!

Andy here, for the last few weeks Rhe, has been slowly taking on more and more responsibility at both RAW Barbell Club and Kush’ physiotherapy practice Anatomy of Training. So much so that we just had to offer her a job. She has been with us from the start, like even when Kush was still living in Armidale. So for us it seem…

Dipping Forward in your Jerks | RAW Quick Tips

Dipping Forward In Your Jerks
Are you dipping forwards in your jerks? You may be trying to step through way too early.. Stepping through is a great cue when used and executed correctly. So is pushing yourself down in the jerk. Luis has been unstable in his jerks today so we cued him to focus on pushing himself down. Rather than focusing on a cue that may not be wo…

3 Simple Reasons to try Weight-Training

3 Reasons to try Weight-Training

Why weight-training will make you lose weight, get leaner and more flexible
By Kushini Jayawardane
I 100% believe that weight-training is far superior to spending hours running, and doing other sorts of cardio training – unless of course your goal is in fact to get better at running etc. In this case it’s still very beneficial …

Podcast Episode 5 | Overtraining, Tendinitis, Rehab with Kush

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 5

Overtraining, Chasing Dreams and Smart Rehab with Kush
When training goes well, it generally goes very well! Weights are going up, you feel strong, and life is good. It’s easy to keep pushing, to add in more and more, the gainz will keep coming won’t they? Unfortunately there is a cap. Slowly you see the warning signs, a littl…

Dropping Your Elbows in the Jerk | RAW Quick Tips

Dropping Your Elbows in the Jerk
Dropping your elbows in the jerk is a bad habit that will halt your progress. Try adding a simple dip or two before your Olympic Jerk to re-pattern the movement. All we ask is that you keep pushing up on the bar and stay braced and slow on your way down, it will improve your weightlifting & CrossFit in no time!

This will car…

Podcast Episode 4 | Dropping weight & Australian Olympic Weightlifting Nationals

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 4

Kush’s fun weight cut & how all the Sandbags did at the Australian Olympic Weightlifting National Championships
We’ve already posted a video on our Youtube channel documenting the actual lifts that went down but in this episode we give you the low down on Kush’s weight cut, and all we had to go through to just get her onto…

Don’t Rock Onto Your Heels | RAW Quick Tips

Don’t Rock Onto Your Heels
We see a lot of you lifters with a CrossFit background rock onto your heels as you pass the knees in your pull. Moving your body mass anywhere but upwards in the Olympic lifts can lead to a loss of power.

Olympic Weightlifting is about Balance.

A good cue to have is to portion your weight over your foot so it is portioned over the …

Podcast Episode 3.5 | IOC Dropping Weight Classes, Politics and Doping

Why podcast episode 3.5 you ask? This episode is a bit weird as we already have a few in the pipeline but I think this one is important to get out right away so you know what is going on in your own sport! so we pushed the other episodes back one week and slotted one in this week. That’s why it’s name is 3.5 because it is between episode 3 and episode 4, because I …

Hunter Barbell Club Open Competition this Saturday

Hunter Barbell Club
Open Competition this Saturday
We’re pretty excited for this one! The Hunter Barbell Club Open Competition this Saturday the 17/06/17 is going to be a fun one. Steeped in history the Newcastle Region has in the past been a powerhouse for Australian Weightlifting. Places like the Hunter Barbell Club are trying very hard to renew the sport in t…

How to Keep Your Shoulders Back Properly | RAW Quick Tips

How to Keep Your Shoulders Back Properly
Everyone gets cued to pull their shoulders back in a lot of training modalities. Our own physio/coach Kush shows Jane how to properly cue this in her RDL’s. Off course it’s a long process and we are going to develop Jane’s upper back through some serious training, but I’m hoping this cue will help one of ya’ll!

So Check …

2017 Australian Weightlifting National Championships

2017 Australian Weightlifting National Championships
This year the 2017 Australian Weightlifting National Championships were held in the sunny state of Tasmania. Kush, Jack and Andy all qualified as well as our close friends Yannick and Lady from Shred Barbell Club.

Kush dropped weight once again to the U48kg class in the hopes of coming third. unfortunately we…

Podcast Episode 3 | Dealing with bad movement, pain and regressing training

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 3
How Andy has dealt with movement dysfunction, pain and regressing training to optimize performance and longevity in Olympic Weightlifting
With nationals over and knowing whats already happened with my lifting this may be a little late, but it does give some insight into how I trained for the 11 weeks leading up to nationals. (I …

Not Jumping Enough | RAW Quick Tips

Not Jumping Enough
Have you ever been told that you don’t move your feet enough in the snatch or clean? That you are not jumping enough? Jane has…

We’ve been working on Jane being able to use her legs and in particular her hips on her snatches for two weeks now. She’s getting so much better, but what we want to see it her actually move her feet.


Podcast Episode 1 | Yannick Mifsud from Shred on Newbies

RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 1
Oh-My-Freaking-Gosh!!!!! RAW Barbell Club now has a podcast! All of this is really new to us so please be patient whilst I iron out the kinks. It will be on i-tunes and google play shortly. But if you can’t wait here it is: RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 1.
RAW Barbell Club Podcast Ep. 1

In this episode of the R…

2017 Australian Senior Nationals This Week

2017 Australian Senior Nationals This Week
Only a few more sleeps until the 2017 Australian Senior Nationals This Week! I for one can’t wait to see all of the NSW lifters smash it, but more so I’m pumped to see Kush and Jack, compete on the national stage.

This will be Kush’s 3rd Weightlifting Nationals. Kush has really made a come back in her training over the…

Pull Back NOT Up in High Pulls

Pull Back NOT Up in High Pulls
At RAW Barbell Club we coach lifters to pull back not up in High Pulls.

A lot of athletes and coaches struggle to see the transfer between pulls and high pulls to the Snatch and Clean. Really it’s often due to execution.

If we look at any Hookgrip video, you will more than likely see the athlete peak the bar at about nipple hei…

Struggle Hitting Snatch Depth? | RAW Quick Tips

Struggle Hitting Snatch Depth?
Do you struggle hitting snatch depth? Often that struggle is a fear avoidance strategy. The truth is you need to own that bottom position. You do that by getting comfortable in the hole and getting fast a efficient at getting there.

Hers a complex for you to try 1 Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat + 1 Snatch Balance

Earn your positions…

Team Bundesliga Weightlifting Competition at Odd Socks

Team Bundesliga Weightlifting Competition
This week we made our way to the Odd Socks Halterophilie for their first team Bundesliga Weightlifting Competition.

The competition was really well run, a bit hard to understand at first, due to the format and rules, but once I got it it was really easier to get the gist.
The Big Differences

The comp was set up in…

2017 World Masters Games | Weightlifting

2017 World Masters Games
Next Week begins the 2017 World Masters Games in Auckland, New Zealand. Weightlifting is one of the big sports that take part in the games that celebrate the fact that it’s frankly never to late to find a sport you love and can compete in.

The weightlifting portion of the 2017 World Masters Games spans from Friday the 21s…

Bar Whip – Dealing with Barbell Whip and Oscillation

Bar Whip
Dealing with Bar Whip
What is Bar Whip?
Bar Whip is the oscillation that occurs when the bar changes directions quickly. It occurs because modern barbell are created to be somewhat elastic. This makes it possible for bars to bend and ‘whip’ when ther is heavy enough load on the ends of the barbell. The whip of a bar is most noticeably once weights get ‘…

First Olympic Weightlifting Competition Advice

Your First Olympic Weightlifting Competition
A few weeks ago we had a chance to chat with some of the top NSW Olympic Weightlifters and coaches to ask them what there advice would be for the the weightlifter entering their FIRST Olympic Weightlifting Competition.

The advice we received was really great so a big thank to all the coaches and lifters that particip…

Jumping Forwards: Snatch | Weightlifting

Jumping Forwards
Jumping Forwards: Snatch | Weightlifting
Jumping Forwards: Snatch | Weightlifting – Pretty much everyone in the world of weightlifting can agree that jumping forward in the snatch or clean and jerk is a bad habit to get into. It generally means there is either some breakdown or flaw in the lifters technique, or that there is some misfiring in the…

2017 NSW Weightlifting State Championships | Can Jack Qualify for Nationals

2017 NSW Weightlifting State Championships
Last week we travelled to the NSW High Performance Weightlifting Centre to compete in the 2017 NSW Weightlifting State Championships. This is one of the big weightlifting events for NSW. With so many lifters putting it all on the line for their last shot to qualify for nationals there was an awesome show.
We saw the high…

Carlene Making Gains | weightlifting

Carlene Making Gains
Carlene Making Gains
On the tail end of our latest training cycle it’s cool to see the teams progress. Carlene making gains is the highlight of the session with a pretty massive personal record in the snatch.

As usual there are a lot of laughs, tom foolery and sandbagging.

Enjoy another training session:

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Competing at the 2017 Australian Open

2017 Australian Open
Competing at the 2017 Australian Open
A few weeks back the team traveled to Melbourne to compete in the 2017 Australian Open/International. Though most of us and our friends got our asses kicked by some of the best lifters in the world it was an amazing chance to watch professional lifters in real life lifting enormous amounts of weight. To t…

2017 NSW Weightlifting State Championships Draft Schedule

2017 NSW Weightlifting State Championships Draft Schedule
2017 NSW Weightlifting State Championships Draft Schedule
The 2017 NSW Weightlifting State Championships Draft Schedule has been released by NSWWA. It’s being held held next Saturday the 8th of April at Olympic Park in the NSWWA High Performance Centre. We have a fair few lifters competing. For some it’s t…

Entries Open: 2017 Australian Weightlifting Federation National Championships

Entries Open: 2017 Australian Weightlifting Federation National Championships
Entries Open: 2017 Australian Weightlifting Federation National Championships
Entries open: 2017 Australian Weightlifting Federation National championships. Both the Senior and Junior National Championships look like they are going to be a blast. If it’s anything like last year or even …

Ralph Cashman Open Competition 2017

Ralph Cashman Open Competition 2017
Ralph Cashman Open Competition 2017
The team made their way down to the NSW State Sport Centre to participate in the Ralph Cashman Open Competition 2017. In a competition that brought athletes from all spans of the athletic spectrum, it was nice to see our little club represented by 5 lifters. Bo, Carlene, Elisha, Kush and Sue …

Powerlifting Program

Powerlifting Program
Hybrid Powerlifting Program
Though we pride ourselves in being mainly an Olympic Weightlifting Club, we also have a huge focus on strength and competing in strength sports whether it be Powerlifting or even CrossFit. Our hybrid powerlifting program combines absolute strength training with the speed strength and technical mastery of weightlift…

Ralph Cashman Final Starting List

Ralph Cashman Final Starting List
Ralph Cashman Final Starting List
NSWWA has published the final starting list for the Ralph Cashman Open Competition taking place this Saturday, 25 February 2017, at the NSW High Performance Gym, Sports Centre, Olympic Park.

We’ve already talked about how excited we are for this comp, so I’ll just post the starting list here

Frustration Learning the Snatch in Weightlifting

Frustration Learning the Snatch in Weightlifting
Does your Snatch Suck?
Many feel a great deal of frustration learning the snatch in weightlifting. In fact the snatch is an Achilles heel to many athletes that we coach. They start becoming frustrated and jaded, thinking that they’ll never get better. The truth is I understand their frustration. I’ve been through t…

The Secret to Weightlifting Success


Weightlifting is a wonderful sport. You get to build strength, flexibility and overall athleticism. Part of the sport though, even the beginning stages is how progress is made and measured.

Progress is measured on the platform, how much you snatch and how much you clean & jerk. It’s made through hard training, a stead…

Ralph Cashman Open Starting List

Ralph Cashman Open Starting List
Our next big NSW Competition is close and the Ralph Cashman Open Starting list is looking killer! the competition will take place on Saturday the 25/02/17.
The Starting List for the Ralph Cashman Open has just been released by NSWWA and it’s going to be a heap of fun. It looks like a lot of Our NSW big dogs are coming out to play …

Pause Cleans and Snatch Presses

Pause Cleans and Snatch Presses
The team is in week 6 of the Power Sandbag Cycle and they are killing it. Hitting cleans with both pauses and pulls before hand is tough. but it’s nice to see they are having cracks at pause cleans at weights surpassing their old 1RM’s. It will be interesting to see how they fair going into the competetion cycle at the end of this o…

Tuesday Training is So Popular

Tuesday Training
I can’t believe that Tuesday training is so popular. In the past Saturdays have always had the biggest turnout but it looks like Tuesday’s are almost starting to take over. With two sessions now (5:30pm start or 6pm start) our little club is the busiest it’s ever been. The cool thing is that our newest members are settling into the training enviro…

2017 Australian Open Starting List Draft

2017 Australian Open Starting List
Australian Open / Australian International
What seems like it’s going to be a freaking awesome show, the Australian Open (or International) has a really cool list of big names coming out to play. the 2017 Australian Open Starting list draft has just been released and I can hardly contain my excitement. Just watching the Australi…

New Sandbag Gang Apparel For Sale

New Sandbag Gang Apparel
You may not have noticed but we’ve finally decided to get new sandbag gang apparel. Our team is looking crazy fly training, breaking personal records and having fun doing it. If you haven’t seen us rocking our new gear you need to. You can look like us too!! We have some spare tanks and tees from our first run for sale. You may be able to …

Missing Lifts in Training – What to do when it happens

Missing Lifts in Training
At one point or another you will have a bad day, or try for a PR (personal record) and miss the lift you were going for. Missing lifts happens but you should not have a majority of your session as constant misses. You have to know when to try again and learn when to call it quits. What do I recommend you do when missing lifts in training?…

Compete in Powerlifting Australia

Powerlifting Australia 2017
Should you compete in Powerlifting?
Powerlifting like weightlifting is a strength sport. Whilst weightlifting showcases an athletes speed and athleticism with a bar over two events, Powerlifting focuses on absolute strength. That is, how much you can lift to the utmost extremes of your capacity in three distinct events the Squat, Bench…

Masters Weightlifting 2017 Calendar

Masters Weightlifting 2017
I Ended in my last post by making quick note of Masters Athletes in weightlifting. If you’re an older athlete (35 years and above) there has never been a better time to get into the sport of Masters Weightlifting 2017.
Sue Competing at the Australian Masters Weightlifting Championships

A photo posted by Raw Barbell Club (@rawbarb…

2017 Australian Weightlifting Calendar

2017 Australian Weightlifting Calendar
The Australian Weightlifting Federation (AWF) has published the 2017 Australian Weightlifting Calendar, with all the big national and international events up for the new year. With it, the AWF has made some big changes to the qualification and grading standards that it has used in the past. I’m pretty happy with the direction…

Australian Weightlifting Nationals

Australian Weightlifting Nationals
This year RAW Barbell Club was very happy to help and assist 4 lifters achieve a grade to both qualify for and compete at the Australian Weightlifting Nationals. We had already had a great showing at Masters Weightlifting Nationals earlier this year, so to be able to represent our State again at Senior Australian Weightlifting Na…

Morning Training

Morning Training Sucks
I’ve always admired the 6am guys and girls that I train. I’ve done early morning training out of necessity a few times and the truth is, every time I’ve absolutely dreaded it, especially in winter. It’s cold my body aches, I’m still basically asleep, How can any good possibly come out of this? Well apparently a lot of good, if it’s with the …

Lifting Marathon

Lifting Marathon
Another old video you say? Meh, I like looking at how our lifters have progressed.. In what seems like a super long lifting marathon, the team go through heavy snatches, clean & jerks, squats and deadlifts.

Sara from AMRAP Active drops in to train with us, as Does our friend Vu.

Andy and Steve also jump in to train!!

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Death by Back Squat

How important is the squat in weightlifting?
There is a lot of debate on the inter webs about how important the squat is to weightlifting. As much as I consider myself obsessed with weightlifting technique, I do recognize the importance of being strong. Having both strong legs and a strong lower back is the cornerstone of holding good positions in Olympic Weightli…

Training Partners

Training Partners
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Having a great coach get great results, but having great training partners ? Well that breeds a culture of great results. Everyone PR’s together, cries together and tries together. One thing I’ve tried more than anything to do with RAW Barbell is create an atmosphere of acceptance, support, growth and fu…

Snatching Heavy Again

Snatching Heavy Again
An old video showing the team practicing snatch complexes over two training sessions. Mitch tries out a bit of lifting after coming back from a back issue we’ve been dealing with. Kush, Jack, Karen and Sue make some big improvements snatching, and both Carlene and Mitch hit some pretty big personal records.

Really happy with how the teams …

Odd Socks All Comers Weightlifting Competition

All Comers Weightlifting Competition
The Raw and shred teams travel up to Odd sock Halterophilie, a weightlifting gym in North Strathfield to take part in their ‘All Comers Weightlifting competition. Designed to introduce brand new lifters to the sport of weightlifting, the competition is unsanctioned by NSW weightlifting and the AWF. this means no hefty associati…

Lifting Suit Party

Lifting Suit Party
In the sport of weightlifting we have some old and sometimes outdated traditions. I’m still unsure how I feel about lifting suits, but when someone in the club gets a new one we all put ours on to show support!

Except for Andy because he had to lend his to Jack because Jack forgot… #badJack #neverforgetyoursuit


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2016 Masters Weightlifting Nationals

2016 Masters Weightlifting Nationals
Watch Carlene and Sue compete at the AWF 2016 Masters Weightlifting Nationals. Very sorry this is delayed so long, I forgot to post it 🙁 my bad!

Carlene and Sue Rock 2016 National Championships
Had the pleasure of traveling up to Tassie, to watch the Masters Weightlifting National Championships. Such a great spectacle …

Andy Qualifies Weightlifting nationals 2016

Weekend Weightlifting Wrap-Up
Titan’s Open
This past ANZAC weekend we had the pleasure of having Andy compete at the Titans open competition in Titan’s Weightlifting Club, Olympic Park.

With not much actual lifting over the last 2 months we weren’t expecting much, hoping for a 218kg total (100/118kg) as a great competition. Because of this we set his openers r…