rhe starts lifting

Rheannon Williams


Rhe has been with the RAW Barbell Club family from the start. Within the last 2 years she has grown into a great senior member of our Olympic Weightlifting Team, and has been able to take on more and more responsibility. She has developed a passion for the delicate balance of strength, technical finesse and mental control that is taught in weightlifting to produce powerful, poetic lifts. Now with her on staff, and studying a Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine & Dietetics, we’re really excited to see what she can bring to our ever-growing family.

Rhe has a vast knowledge of nutrition and mindset. Things that she has learned through academia, self study, introspection and obstacles thrown her way.

What Rhe feels is important to successful training and enjoyment in the sport:


Mindset & Mental Development


Commitment, Passion & Intrigue


Strength & Technique


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If you would like to learn more about Rheannon please listen to an interview we did with her on our very own RAW Barbell Club Podcast. In it she explores her struggles with eating disorders, as well as how weightlifting helped her overcome her battle with food.

Rhe also has a little blog section on the RAW Barbell Club site called Rhe’s Thoughts. Peruse at your leisure and be wowed by her poetic use of the written word!