Sticky Mesh Thumb Tape

Sticky Mesh Thumb Tape


Sticky Mesh Thumb Tape

  • No More Sore Thumbs
  • Flexible
  • Adheres to itself
  • No Residue left on skin
  • Comfortable
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Product Description

Sticky Mesh Thumb Tape

Sticky Mesh is our answer to the age old weightlifting problem, of

“Oh God, my thumbs feel like they are going to fall off if I do another set!!”

If you have been lifting seriously for a while, eventually you realise that as good as hookgrip is for your lifting, it comes at a terrible cost. You will be making so many gainz, and then one day, your thumbs will fall off. Well maybe not fall off, but it will probably really hurt.

Sticky Mesh is an athletic tape geared at Weightlifters and CrossFitters. It adheres to itself, is flexible and comfortable.

Just try it, If you like it buy more 😀

Available in White, Black, and Red (limited stock of Red)

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Black, Red, White


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