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Want to train for the sport of Olympic Weightlifting but don’t have a coach or team behind you? We’ll be in your corner!

With a track record of getting people stronger, faster and better for weightlifting we have become the fastest growing club in Australia! And now you can be a part of it too 😀

For just $45 per week you can follow along with our own RAW Barbell Club Teams Program, be a part of all the action!

What You Get:

  • A Fully Individualized Program Delivered Weekly
  • Access to Team Leaderboard (you can compare your lifts/times to the rest of the team)
  • Access to Secret Facebook Group Of All Our Athletes (you really will be part of the team)
  • 2x Weekly Video Analysis On Lifts
  • Weekly Coaching Talks (feedback/goal setting sessions) – Email, Messaging or Calls
  • Ability to Compete for RAW Barbell Club in any Official/Unofficial Competition
  • Coaching at Competitions where RAW Barbell is at. (Aus Open, Nationals etc.)

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