RAW Quick Tips

RAW Quick Tips

Sometimes all you need is a tiny hint, a small cue, a little drill and a quick tip to help improve your lifting. Our RAW Quick Tips give you a small insight into the myriad of training techniques we use to get the most out of our lifters. Hopefully you’ll be able to get something out of one of them!

Bench Lesson with Craig Gibson

Bench Lesson

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I’ve always been embarrassed of my bench press. It’s been a sore spot for a long time, in fact up until last year I couldn’t even bench 100kg.. As a self professed str…

Cycling Reps | RAW Quick Tips

Cycling Reps
The Difference between CrossFit & Weightlifting

KNOW WHAT YOU’RE LIFTING FOR! Lifting vs. cycling reps, what do these two terms mean and what distinguishes one practice from th…

Making Contact | RAW Quick Tips

Making Contact in the Snatch & Clean

There is a lot of debate on-the-line and between coaches about when and how you make contact with the barbell in the snatch and clean. Not many however d…

Proper Pull Ups | RAW Quick Tips

Proper Pull Ups

Another often skimmed over exercise in the world of weightlifting I’m often very surprised at how difficult or impossible pull-ups are for athletes that can snatch and clean &amp…

Active Back in the Bench | RAW Quick Tips

Active Back in the Bench

In today’s episode of RAW Quick Tips, Rhe show us how to have an ‘active back in the bench’.

How much ya’ bench? Have you ever been asked that? As weightlifters bench…

Knees Out in Pulls | RAW Quick Tips

Knees Out in Pulls
Ever wondered why people yell out “knees out in pulls”?

If you watch an elite lifter in slow motion, you’ll soon be impressed by the mastery they display over the barbell. Wh…

Wider Grip Front Rack | RAW Quick Tips

Wider Grip Front Rack
For the beginner learning weightlifting movements, front rack can be difficult. It is an often weird a and unnatural position that seems at odd with how we would normally pos…

Scaling the Hollow Rock | RAW Quick Tips

Scaling the Hollow Rock
Hollow Rocks and Holds are a great way to easily build strength and stability in the midline. If you can brace the spine in a meaningful way, under the immense loads of you…

Choosing Attempts | RAW Quick Tips

Choosing Attempts

Choosing attempts is a tricky one that we get asked about a lot. There is an art to getting yourself up to working sets without misses, and still feel good enough to complete y…

Squatting For Weightlifting | RAW Quick Tips

Squatting For Weightlifting

In this episode of RAW Quick Tips, Rhe goes through squatting for weightlifting, with you dropping your body between you legs, rather than sitting back. It is the mos…

Box Squats for Weightlifting | RAW Quick Tips

Box Squats for Weightlifting

I really like Box squats for weightlifting. It helps with flexibility a lot better than stretching, builds up the often dormant hip muscles and is a great way to tea…

Faster Elbows in the clean

Faster Elbows in the Clean

A lot of people stuff up the timing when trying to both get under the bar and pull the bar up.  They need faster elbows in the clean.

Once the clean is broken from …

Keeping Your Arms Straight | RAW Quick Tips

Keeping Your Arms Straight
Keeping your arms straight and relaxed in you pulls can be hugely beneficial in the efficiency of your Olympic lifts. This isn’t true in all cases but for Coral it does …

3 Position Jerk Drill | RAW Quick Tips

3 Position Jerk Drill

Some lifters have trouble with how they percieve they move when performing the classical lifts. The jerk catch in particular. Of course individual limb lengths, asymmet…

Dipping Forward in your Jerks | RAW Quick Tips

Dipping Forward In Your Jerks
Are you dipping forwards in your jerks? You may be trying to step through way too early.. Stepping through is a great cue when used and executed correctly. So is push…

Dropping Your Elbows in the Jerk | RAW Quick Tips

Dropping Your Elbows in the Jerk
Dropping your elbows in the jerk is a bad habit that will halt your progress. Try adding a simple dip or two before your Olympic Jerk to re-pattern the movement. A…

Don’t Rock Onto Your Heels | RAW Quick Tips

Don’t Rock Onto Your Heels
We see a lot of you lifters with a CrossFit background rock onto your heels as you pass the knees in your pull. Moving your body mass anywhere but upwards in the Olympic…

Not Jumping Enough | RAW Quick Tips

Not Jumping Enough
Have you ever been told that you don’t move your feet enough in the snatch or clean? That you are not jumping enough? Jane has…

We’ve been working on Jane being able to use…

Pull Back NOT Up in High Pulls

Pull Back NOT Up in High Pulls
At RAW Barbell Club we coach lifters to pull back not up in High Pulls.

A lot of athletes and coaches struggle to see the transfer between pulls and high pulls to…

Struggle Hitting Snatch Depth? | RAW Quick Tips

Struggle Hitting Snatch Depth?
Do you struggle hitting snatch depth? Often that struggle is a fear avoidance strategy. The truth is you need to own that bottom position. You do that by getting com…

RAW Quick Tips

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